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Money School Canada provides young Canadians with access to practical personal finance information for use in the real world.

Taking the lead, Money School Canada has worked extensively with parents and educators to develop a practical and effective in-class workshop program that tackles the challenge of improving the financial literacy of our kids.

A common sense approach - and loads of fun

Developed by educators and money management experts with rich experience in student financial literacy educational programs. The Financial Basics Workshop for high school students and the Moneyi$t in the School® programs for elementary grades provide students with age-appropiate, fun, engaging, innovative and practical lessons to help them gain the money smarts they need to be financially successful - today and tomorrow.

Workshop programs, endorsed by the TDSB Financial Literacy Steering Committee, deliver quantified learning outcomes and consistently receive top satisfaction ratings from both teachers and students.

Money School Canada's goals are to ready a new generation of financially savvy young Canadians who:

  • appreciate the value of money and smart spending
  • have a firm understanding of the basics of personal finance
  • take pride in their basic finance know-how and put it into action
  • begin to take responsibility for their financial decisions and future

Money School Canada gives young Canadians practical tools they can really count on.